Q. What are some of the benefits to getting a facial?
A. Besides feeling relaxed and renewed, the diagram below shows you some of the benefit zones.

Q. Is there a consultation before getting a facial?
A. Yes, I do a skin analysis before the start of treatment. I go over concerns or challenges regarding your skin and what the end goal is for your skin.

Q. How should I prepare myself before getting a facial?
A. Arrive makeup free. If you wear contact lenses, I suggest wearing your glasses when you arrive.

Q. Can I sunbathe after I get a facial?
A. No, stay out of the sun 48 hrs before and 48 hrs after your facial. New skin cells can easily burn.

Q. I take prescription medication(s), can I still get a facial?
A. Please tell me if you are taking any prescription medication(s). This information should be run by me when booking an appointment to make sure your skin will be okay. Otherwise we’ll have to reschedule your appointment.

Q. How long do facials take?
A. Approximately 1 hr 15 min on average.

Q. Can I get a facial and a wax service on my face at the same time?
A. No, you cannot receive a facial and a wax service on your face in the same visit or in the same week.