Q. How should I prepare myself for a wax?
A. Hair should be 1/4” to 1/2” long in order to be removed (longer than a grain of rice). Areas to get waxed should not be sunburnt before wax service.

Q. Can I sunbathe after I get waxed?
A. No. Please don't expose your freshly waxed skin to the sun. It will be more prone to sun burning.

Q. I take prescription medication(s), can I still get waxed?
A. Please tell me about any prescription medication(s) prior to service. No waxing anywhere on your body if you're using Accutane. You must discontinue use for 6 months to one year prior to waxing treatment. Also, taking antibiotics can cause skin sensitivity when waxing.

Q. How do I care for my skin after waxing? 
A. Keep your skin moisturized, hydrate (drink that water) and exfoliate (body scrub, dry brush) at least 2-3 times a week (post wax). You don’t need to exfoliate the day of getting waxed because you don't want to over-exfoliate your skin, causing irritation.

Q. How often should I get waxed?
A. 4 weeks is the average wait for your next wax. Hair should be long enough to lay over flat (not sticking straight up) and you should be good to go.

Q. I’m pregnant, can I still get waxed?
A. Yes, right up until your due date. I recommend coming in for a few wax appointments prior to your due date to help ease the process as your pregnancy furthers. Please know that your skin will be a little more sensitive during wax service.

Q. How long will it take to get waxed? 
A. Approximately 15 minutes and on. It depends on your wax service.

Q. Can I shave between waxing?
A. No, don’t go backwards. Shaving will interrupt the hair growth process of it thinning and softening after your wax.

Q. I have sensitive skin, can I still get waxed?
A. Yes, hard wax is great and gentle for sensitive skin.

Q. How painful is waxing?
A. If you’re super sensitive to pain, you can try taking an over-the-counter pain medicine such as Advil or Tylenol an hour before your appointment.

Q. Will I itch after I get waxed?
A. It’s normal for your skin to be red and feel a little sensitive after a wax. In a few hours your skin will calm down.

Q. I’m under the age of 18, can I still get waxed?
A. Yes, with a parental consent form and a signed waiver from your parent.

Q. Can I get a wax service on my face and a facial at the same time?
A. No, you cannot receive a wax service on your face and a facial in the same visit or in the same week.